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In a video uploaded to twitter, a Santa Barbara teacher gives an inside look into a password protected curriculum, which includes LGBTQ+ content, for preschool through middle school students. 

The video begins with the teacher recording her screen, she says,  

“January 15th, 2022 at 12:48pm and we are here on the Santa Barbara Unified School district webpage. If you look up at the top it shows staff resources, which is a password protected portal which you have to log into in order to gain access. Once here, I go under teaching and learning, guidance and resources for teachers. Scrolling down, we go to the “Culturally Responsive Curriculum” that I’ve been speaking about. Once here you can scan down the page.” 


The portal shows that each month is dedicated to a specific group all throughout the year. Teachers are expected to undergo the month’s corresponding training and utilize the resources provided.  

June is “LGBTQIA pride month” 

The page for June includes several categories.  

“Start with self” includes lessons and information for teachers to further “educate themselves” on “LGBTQ+ issues”.  

There are also general lessons and resources provided for all grades. These lessons cover pronouns, the gender unicorn, inclusivity, and more.  

Further down are links for teachers to learn more about LGBTQ heritage, gender inclusive biology, and how to better educate on and celebrate LGBTQ individuals.  

A link to “The Youth Activist toolkit” provides worksheets and information for young “activists”, and instructs teachers on teaching kids how to educate themselves on these issues.  

The lessons provided are for pre-school and grade school and the portal provides text, worksheets, activities, and videos for students.