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  • Ascension Press is an organization that presents the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith as the path to a fulfilled life and authentic happiness. They share valuable resources, create powerful media, and build communities to answer the longings of the human heart with the transformative power of the Gospel.
  • Endow, seeks to educate women toward a more profound understanding of their God-given dignity through study in small group communities of faith and friendship. They have study guides available for youth in middle and high school.
  • T2 Tough Topics is an educational tool for any parent, youth minister, director religious education, or other adult who wants to provide youth or adults (13+ years old) with knowledge of complicated cultural issues and practice in challenging conversations
  • RuahWoods, a Theology of the Body education center that develops age-appropriate curriculum promoting a Catholic vision of the person (and implicitly countering gender ideology) for educators and parents.  High school resources also can be used for teacher formation. All resources available online.
  • TOBET, Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, provides a Pre-K through 8th grade Theology of the Body Program for families, faith formation, or Catholic schools

Catholic Teaching Credentials

  • The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education provides a National Catholic Teaching credential. Learn more here.