Dramatic changes in law, culture, and popular opinion on issues related to sexual identity and “gender” are shaping the experiences of Catholics and, not surprisingly, generating some confusion. These changes also raise challenging questions for Catholic schools as they seek to maintain their Catholic identity and mission and communicate Christ’s love and respect for all persons. New situations require sensitivity, discernment, prudence, and forethought in order to communicate the truth about the human person with consistency and clarity—all while accompanying families and individuals with love and compassion, as they seek to integrate their concrete situations with Catholic teachings.

Grounded in theological principles and practical experience, these resources are designed to serve as a guide to assist Catholic schools and teachers in responding to false claims about “gender identity” and proclaiming what the Catholic Church teaches about the human person.

Person and Identity resources will be regularly updated and expanded in order to assist Catholic schools as they encounter new issues presented by gender ideology.

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