• Do No Harm: Detransitioner Bill of Rights advocates for the following rights: informed consent, effective care, insurance coverage, legal restoration, and justice.
  • BeyondTrans, from Genspect, is a support group that offers comprehensive help to detransitioners (ongoing programs and one-off courses). *Assistance may not align with Catholic teaching but can provide insight.
  • Rainbow Redemption Project, founded by Sophia Galvin, a detransitioner, aims to “provide Kingdom-minded resources for detransitioners with the goal of fully redeeming lives through the power of Jesus Christ.” *Assistance may not align with Catholic teaching, but can provide insight.
  • Sex Change Regret provides Christian resources from Walt Heyer, who formerly identified as a “transwoman.”
  • Hudson Byblow formerly identified as a “transwoman” but provides Catholic resources and his testimony.
  • Pique Resilience Project includes four young women who previously identified as non-binary or “trans men” and later detransitioned by rejecting the “transgender” identity and living in accord with their female sex. Note: this is a secular group and members may not live in accord with Catholic sexual teaching.


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