What is the difference between
sex and gender identity?
What do transgender and non-binary mean?
What is a gender transition?

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Can someone be born in the wrong body?
What is gender affirmative care?
What should Catholics do about
preferred pronouns?
What about intersex conditions?
Is sex really binary?
Does transition prevent suicide?
What does it mean to accompany with
charity and truth?
What is wrong with gender ideology?
What is conversion therapy?
How did all of these ideological changes
happen so fast?
What about stereotypes and
non-conforming behavior?
What can we learn from de-transitioners?

Lectures and Presentations

From the PIP Team

Family Structures, Values, and Foundation

Person and Identity Challenges for Faith

Mary Hasson in Richardson, TX

The Christian View of the Human Person

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Why the Catholic Church Can’t Go Along with Gender Extremism

Male and Female He Created Them

Responding to Gender Confusion

The Cultural Landscape: Where We Are and What’s at Stake?

“The Fundamental Truth of Our Dignity & Identity for a Culture in Crisis.”

Gender Ideology: What Catholics Need to Know

The Transgender Moment: A Natural Law Response to Gender Ideology

Mary Rice Hasson, JD, Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life, Franciscan University of Steubenville, September 2019

Social Media and More: What Parents Need to Know

Mary Hasson in Louisville, KY

The Supreme Court, Civil Rights, and Transgenderism

Medical Transition: The Facts About “Gender-Affirming” Care

Helping Catholic Families Navigate “Transgender” Questions

“Tricky” Topics of Sex & Gender

Faith and Reason:
The Catholic Both/And

The Gender Revolution:
A Medical Perspective

The Gender Revolution:
Culture and Political Change

Presentation to Oakcrest School

Restoring Our Faith: Social Disorder and Family Failing

Pastorally Responding to Transgender Beliefs

Other Lectures

Gender Identity

Dr. Ryan T. Anderson

Reporting on the Transgender Movement

Brandon Showalter

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Science: The Facts about Sex and Gender

Frank Moncher

The Sexed Body:
What is it For?

Dr. Angela Franks at St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry

How Fluid Are We?
Gender, The Body, and Us

Dr. Angela Franks for St. John’s Seminary

Conferences, Panels, & Webinars

Protecting Our Children:

How Radical Gender Ideology is Taking Over Public Schools & Harming Kids

the Heritage Foundation, March 2022

The Transgender Revolution in the Classroom:

What Parents Need to Know

Ethics and Public Policy Center Webinar

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What Does it Mean to be Human? Bioethics and Public Policy

Brandon Showalter Heritage Foundation, November 13, 2020

Gender Dysphoria in Children: Science, Ideology and Ethics

Paul Hruz, MD – Catholic Medical Association and WCAT TV, September 2019

The Amazing Design of Our Bodies

Samantha Kelley, Founder of Fierce Athlete

Protecting Our Children and Families

Maria Keffler, Co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children

The Transgender Question: Theological and Legal Considerations

John Bursch, JD, and Theresa Farnan, PhD
St. Benedict Institute

Transgenderism: The Multifaceted Challenges to the Moral Teachings of the Church

Bishop Robert McMannus, Diocese of Worcester,
the Divine Mercy Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference, May 2019

How Transgenderism Corrupted the Law and School System

Mary Hasson with The Christian Post

Webinar on Gender Dysporia

with Dr. Paul Hruz and Fr. Philip Bochanski

Critical Race Theory and Gender Identity in the Classroom:

with PIP Director Mary Hasson, Kimberly Hermann, and Max Eden

Children of the State: The Progressive Vision of Public Education in the US

2022 Annual Conference with Dr. Theresa Farnan

Informational Videos

Criminalizing Parenthood? Teachers vs. Parents

Theresa Farman in partnership with EDIFY

The Transgender Threat

EPPC President Ryan Anderson for Edify

When Gender Identity Wins, Females Lose

Mary Hasson in partnership with EDIFY

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Taylor Silverman with PragerU
Colin Wright with PragerU
Dutch with English Subtitles

Seek 2023

From the Paradox Institute

13 Untruths Behind Gender Affirmative Therapies for Kids

Bruce Jenner and the Transgender Question

Father Mike Schmitz

Why Girls Become Boys

Abigail Shrier for PragerU

The Dutch Protocol:

Schools & Children: Caught in the Transgender Industry’s Web


Cruel and Unusual Punishment: ‘Trans Supremacy’ Inside Women’s Prisons

T2 Tough Topics:

Gender Identity

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Male Takeover of Female Prisons

Video Interviews

Interview with Mary Rice Hasson

From the Napa Institute

Ethics of Gender-Affirming Care

Dr. Patrick Lappert with the Paradox Institute

How To Help The Gender Dysphoric

Dr. Jennifer interviews Mary on the ins and outs of gender ideology.

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What Does the Church say about Transgenderism and Sexual Identity?

Mary Rice Hasson with Bishop Konderla on Tulsa Time

Dr. Jillian Spencer Extended Interview

An Australian psychiatrist defends the truth in practice

Can a Child be Trans?

Jason Evert interviews pediatrician Dr. Michelle Cretella

Narcissists, Frauds, and Enablers: Trans Men and Women’s Sports

Jordan Peterson interviews Riley Gaines about Lia Thomas

Correction Issued to Study on Effect of Transgender Surgeries on Mental Health

Ryan Anderson on EWTN News Nightly

The Biggest Medical Scandal of Our Time

Jordan Peterson interviews Michael Shellenberger about the WPATH Files

Audio: Podcasts and Interviews

Documentaries and Trailers