FAQ Videos

What is the difference between
sex and gender identity?
What do transgender and non-binary mean?
What is a gender transition?
Can someone be born in the wrong body?
What about intersex conditions?
Is sex really binary?
What is wrong with gender ideology?
What is gender affirmative care?
Does transition prevent suicide?
What is conversion therapy?
What should Catholics do about
preferred pronouns?
What does it mean to accompany with
charity and truth?
How did all of these ideological changes
happen so fast?
What about stereotypes and
non-conforming behavior?
What can we learn from de-transitioners?

Other Videos

Audio: Podcasts and Interviews

  • Transgender people in women’s sports,” Mary Rice Hasson on Relevant Radio discussing President Biden’s executive order mandating that transgender people be allowed to compete in women’s sports. (January 15, 2021)
  • Theology of the Body and Gender,” Dr. Angela Franks on “The Catholic Conversation” starting at 11:15 (January 23, 2021)