Additional Resources for Schools

  • Catholic Bishops of Minnesota, Guiding Principles for Catholic Schools and Religious Education Concerning Human Sexuality and Sexual Identity” (2020)
  • Archdiocese of Indianapolis, “Policy and Complementary Norms on Sexual Identity in School Ministries (2020)
  • Archbishop Carlson, “Compassion and Challenge: Reflections on gender ideology,” July 31, 2020. (Now-retired bishop of St. Louis, MO)
  • Bishop Robert McMannus, Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, “Transgenderism: The Multifaceted Challenges to the Moral Teachings of the Church,” presentation at the Divine Mercy Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference, May 2019
    • This presentation provides a general perspective as well as comments on Catholic higher education.
    • Note: Bishop’s presentation begins at minute 7:35 in the linked video
  • RuahWoods, a Theology of the Body education center that develops age-appropriate curriculum promoting a Catholic vision of the person (and implicitly countering gender ideology) for educators and parents.  High school resources also can be used for teacher formation. All resources available online.
  • TOBET, The Theology of the Body Evangelization Team
    • TOBET’s The Body Matters, a Preschool through 8th Grade Program based on St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body with original, non-consumable classroom set books, Educator Guides, including lesson plans and assessments, Parent Guides, and suggested Hybrid Model of classroom use and use at home so parents learn TOB as well.
    • Coming in August: This is My BODY: The Body Matters for High School. This program is original in that no other TOB curriculum expands the understanding of the human person beyond sexuality. This robust curriculum can be a school or faith formation’s primary program, as it covers all doctrine of the Catholic faith from a TOB perspective. All online resources.
The Person and Identity Project makes case studies, policy analyses, and practical suggestions for pastoral care available to institutional representatives upon request.  If you are a school administrator, a diocesan administrator, or other faculty, please  contact us  for access to these specialized materials.