Staff Formation Guidance

School Toolkit


For new or returning teachers, we suggest the following materials for use during in-services to facilitate discussion of the Catholic perspective on sex and “gender”:

  •  “The Basics” FAQs can be used for a guided discussion and explanation of core issues.
  • For teachers new to Catholic schools, we suggest beginning with the video “Faith and Reason: The Catholic Both/And” (about 20 mins) followed by “The Christian View of the Human Person” (about 30 mins).
  • Why the Catholic Church Can’t Go Along with Gender Extremism” explains the incompatibility of gender ideology with Catholic anthropology and the Church’s understanding of the human person.
  • The Congregation for Catholic Education’s ‘Male and Female He Created Them’” (about 50 mins) gives an overview of the Vatican’s most authoritative statement to date on Catholic Schools and contemporary claims about gender.
  • For an overview of the current situation facing children and parents, we encourage you to watch the lecture below, “The Gender Revolution: Medical Perspectives” given by Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD (60 mins).

Faith and Reason:
The Catholic Both/And

Male and Female
He Created Them

Why the Catholic Church Can’t Go Along with Gender Extremism

The Christian View
of the Human Person

The Gender Revolution: A Medical Perspective

Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD
All images used in the above videos are from the public domain.