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A father in Florida shares his testimony of his daughter’s encounter with gender dysphoria and how she overcame her struggle through therapy and familial support.

“We decided as parents from the beginning that we were not going to affirm the dysphoria. We were not going to validate the ideation; contrary to the recommendation from some professionals in the field.

We provided unconditional support with proper mental health care and non-affirming therapy to our daughter. Underlying disorders like depression and anxiety were properly treated. We removed her from the school environment and placed her in homebound. We brought her back from her confusion.

She is steadfast and sure of her gender, and the suicidal ideation is gone. She is ready this semester to go back to the brick and mortar school setting.

In summary: our daughter was suicidal when she was being affirmed. However, when she was brought back from that state of confusion, the suicidal ideation disappeared completely.

Therefore, my daughter’s case disproves the current narrative that the lives of children with gender dysphoria are in jeopardy if they do not get affirmed.”