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"The transgender issue has fractured right/left divisions, and instead you're having people come together around reality, which is why this mini-series will appeal to people on both sides of the aisle."

- Mary Rice Hasson

As gender ideology permeates our culture in almost every facet, there is no better time to equip parents, clergy, teachers, and the medical community with the truth. This miniseries, hosted by PIP Co-founder Mary Hasson, features five different guests on areas relating to the family, the Church, and medical ethics.

  • Episode 1: A Cultural Overview with Ryan Anderson
  • Episode 2: “Gender-Affirming” Interventions Health or Harm? with Deacon Patrick Lappert
  • Episode 3: What Does the Church Say About Transgender Issues? with Dr. Theresa Farnan
  • Episode 4: The Impact of the Transgender Movement on Children with Maria Keffler
  • Episode 5: Catholic Pastoral Care for Transgender Issues with Fr. Philip Bochanski

Where to Watch

All five episodes are available on EWTN’s On Demand.

Watch Episodes Here

Education Segments with Mary Hasson

The Cultural Overview

The Impact on Children

Healthcare or Harm?

Catholic Pastoral Care


A Cultural Overview with Ryan Anderson

Impact on Children with Maria Keffler

Healthcare or Harm with Deacon Patrick Lappert

Catholic Pastoral Care with Fr. Philip Bochanski

What Does the Church Say with Dr. Theresa Farnan