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I have attempted to compile a list of the most unbelievable statements and actions by gender clinicians,  in order to show just how far off the rails the gender juggernaut has run.

Originally Published by Pitt through Substack


As the parent of a gender questioning child, I have done extensive research into the belief system of gender ideology, and the current practice of medicalizing gender nonconforming children and young people. I have come across plenty of ideas and practices that are disturbing. So much that would previously have been simply unbelievable is now commonplace. The espousing of a ludicrous belief system in some sort of gendered soul, as a justification for the sterilizing of children and the surgical modification of their bodies. Exaggerating the risk of suicide to frighten parents into complying with medical and surgical transition. Vilification of detransitioners,    whose numbers are skyrocketing; there are over 36,000 on the detransition subreddit, and the number continues to grow. Denial of the obvious, rampant internet-mediated social contagion of gender distress. All these things now seem to be an entrenched part of our culture.

However, occasionally I encounter something so incredible it simply beggars belief. I have attempted to compile a list of the most unbelievable statements and actions by gender clinicians,  in order to show just how far off the rails the gender juggernaut has run.

As parents of gender-questioning kids, it sometimes feels like we are living in a nightmarish twilight zone—or a ludicrous Monty Python skit.  It really is not at all funny of course. It is just that, as the saying goes, you literally could not make this stuff up.

We parents do become tired of being accused of exaggerating, lying or being “bigots” when we try to tell our stories of negligent or unethical clinician conduct in the care of our kids. Hence, I have included here only instances where the clinician or institution involved is clearly identifiable – statements made by clinicians to the media or in public lectures, information from gender clinic or hospital websites, and the like. These people are quite happy to put this material out there for all to see—which is perhaps the most disturbing part of all.

Such a list is bound to be incomplete, and (sadly) is sure to be out of date as soon as it is posted. Hence I invite readers to add examples in the comments section below. These items are in no particular order—decide for yourself which are the most unbelievable.

I present this material looking through the lens of objective reality, not the lens of gender ideology, a belief system to which I do not subscribe. Hence I describe females as women or girls, and males as men or boys.  I also avoid euphemisms such as “top surgery”,  “bottom surgery” and “gender-affirming care”, preferring language which describes the reality of the situation; for example, mastectomy or breast amputation, genital surgery, and opposite sex hormones. You will see how using reality-based language illustrates starkly how far beyond the pale this stuff really is.

If you are not familiar with the tenets of gender ideology, and the medicalization of gender nonconforming children and young people, I suggest first having a look at some background material. A short sermon by a gender clinician on gender ideology can be viewed here. Note that as well as the fanciful “gendered soul”   pronouncements, there  are multiple false statements about the science in this sermon. (other eye opening comments from this clinician can be viewed here and here).

An excellent plain-language debunking of this ideology, along with the basics on the science, can be found here. A chilling summary of the realities of paediatric medical and surgical “transition” can be found here. Detailed factual and reality–based information on this topic, including the latest science, can be found here and here.

This open letter from a brave Australian paediatrician explains bluntly how “transition” causes permanent sterility, shrunken genitals, and permanently impaired sexual function (see also here and here).

WARNING: By its nature some of this material is disturbing, graphic or explicit. Discretion is advised—but do bear in mind that it is all freely available to any ten year old with access to a cell phone (which you kid can easily access in the playground if you do not allow them one). This material is all out there—I have merely gathered it all in one place, to try and raise awareness among the many adults who are simply unaware of how bad the situation has gotten.



A children’s hospital in the US state of Oregon (where children can access “gender affirming” drugs and surgeries from age 15, paid for by the State, without parental consent or knowledge) has information promoting the harmful practices of breast binding and genital tucking posted on its website.  Furthermore, they advise that teens can obtain supplies to engage in these practices from an adult sex shop which offers “appointments before or after hours for younger shoppers” .

A children’s gender clinic in Canada promotes medical transition on their website using child friendly cartoon graphics

to outline the “roadmap” to permanent sterilityanorgasmia, and a host of other serious side effects. Needless to say, none of these negative outcomes are mentioned in the cutesy roadmap.

This gender clinic in Australia was quite happy to use alarming figures regarding suicidality from a poor quality, anonymous online survey, rather than the more accurate (and much lower) figures from its own clinical audit,  in order to solicit donations from the public.



This gender clinician (who, unbelievably, has a background in developmental psychology), believes that even pre-verbal children have an innate “gender identity”—they just cannot tell us about it yet. She claims that a two year old girl pulling her hair ornaments out and screaming (but she must do it three times, not just once), or an infant boy unsnapping the fasteners on his onesie to “make a dress”,  are  sending “gender messages” and are actually the opposite sex.

She seems to have a particularly well developed gender theology. She believes that gender is not just a spectrum but a four dimensional web, and preaches about  “gender angels”  and “gender ghosts”.

The same clinician has drawn a comparison between given puberty blocking drugs  to young children (which, when followed by opposite sex hormones, leads to permanent sterility) to giving chemotherapy to children with cancer. She justifies her stance based on the (false) claim that puberty blockers are life saving, because they prevent suicide.

She then goes on to admit that she is fully aware they cannot consent – but that they should be given this sterilizing drug regime anyway.

She makes it quite clear that it is the children who are in charge of decisions around these permanent medical interventions:

It’s the children who are now leading us,…… They’re coming in and telling us, ‘I’m no gender.’ Or they’re saying, ‘I identify as gender nonbinary.’ Or ‘I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’m a unique gender, I’m transgender. I’m a rainbow kid, I’m boy-girl, I’m everything.’ 



This clinician asserts that it is fine to remove the breasts of teenage girls on demand since “if you want breasts at a later point in your life you can go and get them” (??). She conducted a study which involved removing the breasts of girls as young as 13. The conclusion to the study opines;

professional guidelines and clinical practice should consider patients for chest surgery based on individual need rather than chronologic age. 

In other words, the claim is that there should be no minimum age for elective cosmetic mastectomies.

She also convinced an eight year old, happily gender non-conforming girl that she was really a boy. “I just gave him the language”, she said, by comparing her to a pop-tart that was in the wrong packaging.

She also, in “When Children Say They’re Transgender” in the Atlantic, claims that mental health assessments are not needed for gender questioning kids, comparing them to people with diabetes, and stating “I don’t send someone to a therapist when I’m going to start them on insulin”.

This clinician, as well as she of the mystical gendered soul, are happy to state publicly that they utilize the courts to force parents to medically transition their children by alleging “medical neglect”, despite the fact that the procedures are irreversible and experimental.

…So it’s not my first line to go to the court to get [a pediatric patient] what they need. But it is my second line and I will do it.

There’s no precedent” for legally compelling parents…..”But you can again work with the child protection team for medical neglect.



This clinician appears to believe that clothing and playmate preferences determine your sex. (Note that the child being discussed here is actually a girl.)

This child has always been a boy, never worn a dress, always played with boys. He was so ready, his mates are starting puberty and he’s desperate to start puberty.

She also believes that she can induce the puberty of the opposite sex in this child  using artificial hormones, and that it is appropriate to sterilize her in the process.

In actual fact, of course, she can do nothing of the sort. As explained in detail here, by endocrinologist Dr Michael Laidlaw;

There is a false claim ………….that “trans puberty” can be initiated and that one can stop the unwanted sex’s puberty, and magically start and continue the puberty of the opposite sex.  There is no such thing as “trans puberty”



Multiple surgeons in the US (see here and here) advertise their willingness to perform “gender nullification” (“nullo”) which involves entirely removing the genitals “to create a smooth transition from the abdomen to the groin”. This parent (working undercover) was able to secure an appointment for a 17 year old child at one of these clinics to discuss the procedure.

This nullification surgeon has a 40 minute video on his website explaining that   “nonbinary” patients can essentially obtain bespoke surgery on their genitals and chest to obtain the body they desire—including (supposedly) having “a vagina and a penis”. Of course this is dangerous nonsense. Surgeons cannot create normal, functioning human organs.

Multiple surgeons in the US will perform breast amputation (“top surgery”) on female minors. This undercover investigator confirmed that one clinic in Texas was performing the procedure on girls as young as 12, prior to a recent law change which classified this behavior as child abuse.

This surgeon actively promotes her services on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which are popular with young teens and preteens. Her behaviour is so extreme, I could write a whole article about it—luckily the excellent blogger and campaigner, Lily Maynard, has already done so. An update on attempts to initiate legal action against this surgeon, and disturbing reports from past patients of suboptimal care, can be found here.

The above mentioned surgeons, and others, can be seen displaying their wares on social media in this truly shocking expose (from 19:35). Young women are told that, as part of their breast amputation surgery, they can have bespoke nipples “in the shape of a Christmas tree, a Star of David,….squares, diamonds, stars, rainbows, horseshoes…”—or they can simply have their nipples amputated (it’s cheaper that way!) There is much more—this simply surreal documentary is summarized here if you do not feel able to watch it all.

This gender clinician explains to us (at 17:15)  that a young trans-identifying boy has had his fertility “eliminated” by hormonal drugs which have prevented his testicles from developing—hence they may as well remove them while he is still a minor, rather than waiting until adulthood.

These surgeons responded to a 16-year-old girl who was so distressed that she tried to cut off her own breasts—by cutting off her breasts. This is justified on the basis of  “adolescent autonomy and justice”??!! (The article is behind a paywall but you can read about it here).

This trans mastectomy surgeon posted a photo on social media of himself in a Santa hat, holding up 2 buckets labelled “ breast tissue

This surgeon opines that the way to reduce the number of girls under 18 getting breast amputations is to improve early access to “gender-affirming care”. Just to be totally clear; this means giving little girls puberty blockers and testosterone so early that they never develop breasts in the first place—which will also permanently sterilize them.



These Australian clinicians argue that the ethical approach to an 11-year-old girl who is “distressed by the development of..[her]…breast buds and anxious about menstruation commencing soon” is to accede to her request to have her puberty chemically suppressed “forever”, due to the fact that she “did not want to go through any puberty” and wished to remain “in an androgynous, peripubertal state” for life.

One of the authors of that piece asserts that it is “therapeutic” to perform double mastectomies on gender nonconforming teenage girls who are experiencing bullying because of their large breasts (the implication that there is a proper  evidence base for this practice is false);

When you still have prominent breasts it’s very distressing and actually leads to quite a lot of discrimination, stigma, bullying at school,….The evidence that we have from a medical perspective is that it [mastectomy] can be really helpful, it’s therapeutic.

This same doctor—who is an Associate Professor in Paediatrics and so perhaps ought to know better—proudly claims that she can turn a girl into a boy (hint; she cannot).

I can help this child have a boy’s body. How many people can do that?

This doctor’s clinic offered aspiring PhD candidates a golden opportunity “to learn how the teenage brain develops in the absence of sex hormones.”(which are blocked by the drugs these kids are given), acknowledging that these hormones “play an important role” in brain development, (as explained here, sex hormones play a crucial role in myelination of brain cells).

There is only one problem—the subjects of this rather confronting research are not rats, or sheep, but human children.



This Canadian clinician has publicly advised children to make fake suicide threats in order to gain access to hormones.

He has also boasted that 10-20% of children in state care in British Columbia, Canada, (many of whom are indigenous) are having “gender therapy” with him.



In this paper and this letter, the researchers and clinicians assert that male normal reference ranges for physiological parameters such as haemoglobin and hormone levels should be used for a female if she believes herself to be a man and is being medicated with testosterone. As explained in this piece signed by four endocrinologists;

Physicians advocating for high levels of testosterone such as Stephen Rosenthal have argued that a person’s gender identity should determine these hormone levels.

In other words they believe that a metaphysical construct (gender identity) can somehow change physical reality and cause a woman to acquire male reference ranges for testosterone and other sex specific laboratory tests like hemoglobin. This of course is impossible.

The authors seem to confirm their adherence to this belief system with this comment;

In no case does the guideline recommend “high-dose cross-sex hormones”; rather, it offers protocols designed to achieve hormone levels in the physiological range associated with the individual’s affirmed gender identity.



This excellent article gathers together multiple quotes straight from the mouths of top gender clinicians, who admit the lack of research, and the extent of their ignorance, with regard to paediatric transition.

Some phrases you’ll see:

• There is no objective test

• We still don’t know

• Someone will figure it out

• There are so many unanswered questions

• Hopefully there will be research to begin to answer these questions

• Unknown consequences

• What’s lacking are specific studies

• Risk is unknown

• We don’t know the long-term effects

• We’re in unknown territory

• There is no medical consensus

This article was written in 2015, but nothing much has changed—they still don’t know what they are doing, despite the willingness of even some peak medical bodies to misrepresent the evidence to claim otherwise (see here and here).



Among all this craziness and horror, one seemingly milder outrage still strikes me as being the most chilling of all. This pioneer of paediatric transition explains with evident pride his role in bringing the practice of transitioning children to the US. His reason for feeling so proud  was that early initiation of puberty blockers, followed by cross sex hormones, allowed people to “pass” more easily as the opposite sex as adults. He tells us reverently;

They look beautiful. They look normal.

This video was one of the things I stumbled upon when my child first announced a trans identity and I was trying to find out what the hell was going on.

The idea that it is laudable to sterilize, and render anorgasmic, gender nonconforming, homosexual and autistic youngsters so that others will regard them as “beautiful and normal” was one of the most horrifying things I had ever heard.  I have never forgotten it.  It “peaked” me. It made me realise that, come what may, I had to do everything I could to protect my precious child from this madness.