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Originally published by The National Catholic Register


A recent study by Finnish researchers confirms what perhaps seems a bit obvious: The woke movement is making people miserable. More disturbingly, the embrace of woke ideology correlates not only with unhappiness, but also with higher levels of mental instability, such as anxiety and depression. While this study is rife for political snark, it should instead be met with concern. As I have argued elsewhere, woke ideology is fueled by breaking people, and this is more evidence of its effectiveness to that end.

Abigail Shrier’s insightful new book, Bad Therapy, underscores one area of the breakdown: the broad expansion of therapeutic approaches on adolescents coupled with the contraction of parental authority. As I see it, this trend manifests in two concerning ways. Firstly, therapy is increasingly imposed unnecessarily in school settings, with a blanket presumption of mental fragility that may or may not exist. This approach risks inducing in students the very instability it claims to seek to cure. Secondly, when therapy is genuinely warranted outside of school settings, it is often so captured by woke ideology that it can exacerbate, rather than resolve, the underlying issues.

Pushing Therapeutic Methods in School

In the first case, the infiltration of therapeutic methods into schools is often done under the guise of….

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