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A brilliant documentary called “The Call is Coming From Inside the House; The Great Awokening” was posted on Youtube on January 16th 2022. Within a few days, it has accrued thousands of views.

Originally Published by Pitt through Substack


The irony should not be lost on us that a trigger warning is required for an article written for adults about what their kids are watching on the internet. But in the age of social media and trans mass hysteria, this is where we find ourselves.

A brilliant documentary called “The Call is Coming From Inside the House; The Great Awokening” was posted on Youtube on January 16th 2022. Within a few days, it has accrued thousands of views. It features extensive footage which has been publicly posted on social media promoting trans identities and trans surgeries, much of which is highly graphic and disturbing.

This documentary compares the recent explosion of transidentification among our youth to mass hysterias of the past such as the “dancing plague” of the middle ages, and the hysteria of the Salem witch trials, and lays the blame squarely at the feet of social media.

It begins with a general discussion about online social contagion phenomena. During the Covid pandemic, epidemics of  Tourette’s like tics, and of teens claiming to be suffering from multiple personality disorder, bipolar disorder and many other mental health disorders have come to the attention of concerned medical professionals. There is plenty of footage of teens explaining their self diagnosed conditions on social media in the first part of the documentary.

It has been well recognized for some time that eating disorders can be socially contagious, and there is confronting footage documenting teens posting images online of their cachectic bodies and bullying each other to lose weight.

We parents of transidentifying kids have been shouting from the rooftops for some years about the social contagion that is behind the explosion in numbers. However most health professionals are still refusing to acknowledge this, despite the recent awareness of all these similar socially contagious online phenomena.

The documentary features arresting footage of teens on social media talking about their diverse gender identities and their unique pronouns.  Disturbingly there is even one teen claiming to have multiple personality disorder, and explaining that because most of her “alters” are trans, she is going to transition, despite the fact that she is not trans and does not wish to do so.

We then move on to cover trans surgeries, and this is where the trigger warning really cuts in.  Graphic images of girls as young as 13, posing topless to show off the scars from their “top surgery” –  cosmetic double mastectomies – are genuinely shocking, even to we parents, who have been hardened by our exposure to the trans movement.

There are images of smiling surgeons posing with their young patients, and advertising directly on social media to these adolescents to drum up more business for their grizzly trade. One photogenic blond surgeon is shown smiling approvingly as a young trans identified woman reels off a list of slang terms used for breast amputation including “divest the chest”, “arrest the breast” and “get riddy that tiddy”. Several surgeons then assure your teen that surgery can be personalized in whatever way is “most affirming” including the complete removal of the nipples, or shaping of nipples into “a Christmas tree, or the Star of David”, or whatever other shape is desired.

Teens are informed by influencers that these surgeries are “customizable” and that they can choose to keep or dispose of any body part as desired.  Various possible mind boggling configurations of genitalia are described. Surgeons are then depicted explaining “nullification”, which involves a male who does not “identify with his genitalia”  having them completely amputated, leaving only smooth skin. (Gender mapper has documented that this surgery may be available to boys as young as 17.

Next there is a discussion and graphic images of “phalloplasty”, a procedure which attempts to construct a phallus for trans identified females by removing a chunk of flesh from the forearm, rolling it up, and attaching it to the groin.  The complication rate is skyhigh and the financial cost astronomical.

An apt analogy is next drawn between transgender surgery and the “lobotomy craze” of the 1950s, which left thousands of patients permanently harmed by the time it petered out.

Finally there is a discussion of regret, with interviews with numerous young people explaining how they had no idea what they were getting into, the pressure to rush into irreversible surgeries, and their profound regrets about what they have done to their bodies.

I caution anyone who chooses to watch this documentary to use their discretion. It is truly shocking – but it is what our kids are freely able to access online. Every parent should watch it if they feel able. However there should be no discretion for any politician, journalist, health professional or teacher who is pushing this harmful, abusive ideology to our children. Any who wish to utter one more word about “acceptance and inclusion”, and about how “affirming” medical transition is, should be forced to watch this documentary and imagine their own daughters walking around their homes, topless, sporting flat, scarred chests.

To close, I will describe the two images which, among all this surreal horror,  had the biggest effect on me.  One shows a smiling young woman posing topless with her surgeon to show off her mastectomy result – multiple self harm scars are clearly visible on her arms and abdomen. The other is a short video of a young woman, also topless with fresh mastectomy scars and missing nipples, explaining in an agitated manner how she is getting “phantom nipple pain” and pleading with whoever has “gotten hold of my nipples and is pinching them to stop the “sick game”. There are no words to describe a society which allows healthy body parts to be removed from young people who are clearly in such severe mental distress.

How have we come to this??

Note: If this documentary is taken down by Youtube, you may be able to find it here.