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Sinead Watson is a detransitioned woman who began medical transition in 2015 at age 24 at the Sandyford clinic in Glasgow. She began to feel regret three years later, finally making the decision to stop taking testosterone in 2019. In conversation with her sister Andrea, Sinead documents the impact of her transition on family members in a powerful, moving testimony. 

from Transgender Trend: Questioning the Narrative

I would like to preface this by saying that I have spoken at length with my sister regarding her thoughts during the period of my transition and detransition. I will be sharing my thoughts, and hers, in the hopes of offering some insight to any families that have found themselves in a similar predicament.

My sister Andrea was born in 1986, after which she enjoyed the peaceful life of an only child until I came along in 1991. Our childhood was far from perfect, I doubt such a childhood exists, but our parents did their best and worked hard so that we would never go without. Andrea took her role as big sister seriously enough, protecting me from bullies and comforting me whenever our parents fought. That’s not to say we were close when we were younger. Tolerant of one another, perhaps, but when she was kicked out of the house in her teens I made no effort to remain in contact with her, nor she with me…

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