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The Person and Identity Project (PIP) assists the Catholic Church in promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology.

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Edify’s The Education Revolution

This comprehensive guide assists parents in navigating the education crisis and equips them with reclaiming the education system. Tune in with Theresa Farnan, Andrea Piccioti-Bayer, and more!

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Myths of Gender-Affirming Care

The Paradox Institute developed a pamphlet on the dangers of affirmation care, commons myths, international care, and much more! Click the link below to get the truth about medial transitioning.

Download Here

Edify’s Identity Crisis: A Catholic Response to LGBT

Edify releases a clear and concise guide to navigate the gender identity crisis with compassion, love and truth. Read more from Ryan Anderson, Mary Hasson, and other exciting names!

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Our Duty: Lifecycle of Transgender Ideation

Our Duty created a flow chart outlining the necessary components for transgender ideation which demonstrates that “to be captured, they must be both susceptible to the idea and be indoctrinated.”

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EWTN Mini Series on Transgenderism and What Catholics Need to Know

This series includes 5 episodes hosted by Mary Hasson featuring special guests on topics related to parents, medical staff, youth ministers, and more!

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We are grateful for the work of the Person and Identity Project which assisted our leaders in Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis—including priests, Catholic school principals, and other members of parish leadership—to see the depth of gender theory’s influence and the seriousness of what is at stake. Our leaders in Catholic education were able to more deeply appreciate the challenges facing our Catholic educational institutions and more readily prepared to meet the pastoral need of students and families who are struggling with these difficult questions about our created identity as male and female.

Emily G. Dahdah, PhDAssociate Director of Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

The work of the Person and Identity Project is a major service to families and parishes navigating urgent issues around 'gender identity' and 'gender transition.' The information here is objective and up to date.

Deacon Patrick W. Lappert, MDDiocese of Birmingham

This is an excellent resource for Catholic school leaders, faculty, and staff! It is a tremendous support to have in one easily accessible location, sound research, information, and tools for schools to stay ahead of the curve on the issues of human identity all our schools are facing. There are great videos for use in teacher orientation. A guided discussion of the FAQs and the articles on the home page would make for a very rich in-service.

Elias J. MooSuperintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Denver

I wanted to thank you for the single best presentation that I have seen on gender dysphoria, and our Catholic understanding of human anthropology.

Steve S.Seminar participant