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What Does Quality of Evidence Mean?

The Final Cass Review and the NHS England Response

Side Effects of Transgender ‘Medicine’ Show It Isn’t Just Junk Science, It’s Malpractice

The Truth of Dignity and Identity with Mary Hasson

Meet Catholic Doctors Protecting Kids by Combating Trans Ideology

The VA is abandoning women veterans’ rights for gender identity

‘Gender-Affirming Care is Dangerous. I Know Because I Helped Pioneer It.’

AAPS Statement on “Gender-Affirming Care” for Minor Children

In 2024 elections, lives are at stake

Mary Hasson with Legatus

The Free Press

I Had a Helicopter Mom. I Found Pornhub Anway.

Denmark Joins the List of Countries Who Have Sharply Restricted Youth Gender Transitions


Speaking the Truth with Love: Q&A with Mary Hasson

Do No Harm

Protecting Minors from Gender Ideology

17 Books by Queer Latinx Authors that Center LGBTQIA+ Experiences

New Study on Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

By the Institute for Research and Evaluation

Anatomy of a Scientific Scandal

By Colin Wright with City Journal

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases

This article was retracted on June 14, 2023. See the explanation below.

Explanation: Springer to Retract a Key Paper in Response to Activist Demands

How US Billing Rules Make Detransitioning a Nightmare

NHS Bans Puberty Blockers For Children Outside Clinical Research

Mother’s Home Truths of the Transgender Crisis


Current Concerns about “Gender-Affirming” Therapy in Adolescents

“The ‘Sex Change’ I Had 40 Years Ago Was A Scam, Not Medicine”

Whistleblower’s Letter to Missouri Attorney General

The Heritage Foundation Report:

Safeguarding Parental Rights and Protecting Children from Federally Mandated Gender Ideology

Read Report Here

A Coalition Letter to SD Governor Kristi Noem

Leading organizations urge SD Governor to speak out against the Midwest Gender Identity Summit whose goal is to condone sex changes in children.


Gender-Affirming Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Youth: A Perfect Storm Environment for the Placebo Effect

Coalition Letter to President Biden

A letter defending the dignity of the human person, especially among young girls

Contributing writers include PIP and CWF Director Mary Hasson, President of Pro-Family Women Susan Muskett, and President of Concerned Women for America Penny Nance

NHS News!

The NHS Ends the “Gender-Affirmative Care Model” for Youth in England

From Family Watch International:

Understanding Transgender Issues: Suicide Risk

New! Pew Research:

What Catholics Believe about Sex and Gender

Pew findings that Catholics’ beliefs have shifted, with more (62%) now supporting the truth: humans are male or female forever – sex cannot change.

Read more here

From the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM)

A new study lends credibility to concerns that early social gender transition can lead to persistence of pediatric gender dysphoria

A Letter to the NCAA

on the harm to women caused by NCAA’s policy on transgender athletes

The WPATH Tapes: Behind-the-Scenes Recordings Reveal What Top Gender Doctors Really Think

Christless Classical Curricula

Summary of the Final Cass Review

The Reckoning Over Puberty Blockers Has Arrived

Friendship in Christ: A Conversation about Chastity and Same-Sex Attraction

Finland Takes Another Look at Youth Gender Medicine

Lawmakers must recognize the transgender-suicide lie — and protect children

‘An Icon of the Trinity’: Fighting Transgenderism for the Fate of the Domestic Church

K-12 School Library Services Provide Porn Hubs for Minor

What is Gender Ideology?

Dr. Jay Richards

Planned Parenthood’s Trans Hormone Business is Booming, Creating Thousands of New Patients ‘for Life’

EPPC Amicus Brief

Mahmoud 4th Circuit

CBN News

Mary Hasson on Laws Protecting Minors

Mary Hasson

Erasing Females in Language and Law

Do No Harm

Reassigned Report: Identifies the different legal requirement for gender change-related treatments

Read Report Here

Genspect Launches New Think Tank to Draft a Gender Care Framework

An Appeal from Cardinal Eijk

Encyclical condemning gender is necessary and urgent

National Review:

Arkansas Law Limits Gender Treatments for Minors

United States Senate

A letter warning the DOJ

United States Senators sign a letter warning the DOJ against further investigation of American’s right to the First Amendment. This comes after medical organizations requested the DOJ to punish Americans who speak out against “gender affirming care.”

Journalist, Matt Walsh, exposes Vanderbilt gender surgeons who reveal that money is a motivating factor for the opening of their youth gender clinic

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From Genspect

An Open Letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics

Florida Medicaid

Generally Accepted Professional Medical Standards Determination on the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria

The Florida Department of Health

Advises against the social transition, puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgery for children and adolescents.

Texas Attorney General Speaks out on the transition of children

Commentary: Questioning the Benefits of Puberty Blockers

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health


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Fact: 20.8% of Gen Z (today’s college students and young adults) identify as LGBT. (Gallup 2021)

Scholarly Insights from Melissa Moschella

Trapped in the Wrong Body? Transgender
Identity Claims, Body-Self Dualism,
and the False Promise of Gender
Reassignment Therapy

Gender Identity Policy Under the Biden Administration

Rachel N. Morrison

For Parents

For Teachers & Schools

For Churches and Ministry

We are grateful for the work of the Person and Identity Project which assisted our leaders in Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis—including priests, Catholic school principals, and other members of parish leadership—to see the depth of gender theory’s influence and the seriousness of what is at stake. Our leaders in Catholic education were able to more deeply appreciate the challenges facing our Catholic educational institutions and more readily prepared to meet the pastoral need of students and families who are struggling with these difficult questions about our created identity as male and female.

Emily G. Dahdah, PhDAssociate Director of Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

The work of the Person and Identity Project is a major service to families and parishes navigating urgent issues around 'gender identity' and 'gender transition.' The information here is objective and up to date.

Deacon Patrick W. Lappert, MDDiocese of Birmingham

This is an excellent resource for Catholic school leaders, faculty, and staff! It is a tremendous support to have in one easily accessible location, sound research, information, and tools for schools to stay ahead of the curve on the issues of human identity all our schools are facing. There are great videos for use in teacher orientation. A guided discussion of the FAQs and the articles on the home page would make for a very rich in-service.

Elias J. MooSuperintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Denver

I wanted to thank you for the single best presentation that I have seen on gender dysphoria, and our Catholic understanding of human anthropology.

Steve S.Seminar participant