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Original Twitter thread by @justdad7


This has not been a good year for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health @WPATH. It began with the news that its membership had plummeted by 60% over a year.

In March, the WPATH Files by Mia Hughes (@_CryMiaRiver) exposed internal discussions which showed WPATH members’ disregard for science and medical ethics.

In April, the Cass Review concluded that the WPATH SOC8 was not a reliable clinical guideline and could not recommend using it in the UK.

As @buttonslives explains, the systematic reviews conducted by the Cass Review found that WPATH guidelines were often based on circular references to other medical guidelines rather than robust evidence.

In May, @writingblock reported that most of the systematic reviews that WPATH commissioned in support of its SOC8 were never published.

Last year, a US federal judge ordered WPATH to produce the internal documents on the development of their standards of care in a lawsuit challenging the Alabama ban on child transitions. Some of these documents are now being unsealed.

The last minute decision by WPATH to issue a correction to its SOC8 to remove most age limited puzzled many people. Now @jessesingal reports that it was a result of pressure from US Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine.

Another disclosure from the Alabama filings was that the leadership of WPATH had a very low opinion of the guidelines on gender medicine from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The revelations keep coming. @benryanwriter just published a thread on materials from WPATH in a report by @jamescantorph which show WPATH’s complete disregard of the principles of evidence based medicine.

There will be more of the same coming soon. It is hard to see how WPATH can survive and the political leaders who have backed it had better start planning an exit strategy.