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A growing number of actual doctors in the U.S. and overseas are questioning why there is such a sudden rise in the number of children who “identify” as transgender.

by Emilie Kao at The Daily Signal


One of the hallmarks of investigative journalism is the examination of multiple perspectives. That’s what CBS’ “60 Minutes” is famous for and why its viewers rely upon it.

To its credit, “60 Minutes+” (the new spinoff that runs on the Paramount+ streaming service) did approach The Heritage Foundation to seek our perspective on the Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act, an Arkansas bill that bans the sterilization of gender-dysphoric children through experimental use of hormones and surgeries.

But, in its coverage surrounding treatment of children with gender dysphoria, “60 Minutes+” only interviewed parents on one side of the transgender debate, those who affirm transgender ideology and the model of “gender-affirming care.”

“60 Minutes+” ignored the perspectives of those who caution against the “transing” of kids, because of the long-term harm to their mental and physical health.

In my hourlong interview with them, I recommended that these alternative perspectives be included and gave the show’s producers contact information of people who were willing to speak on camera.

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